Two weeks after the atrocious Easter Sunday attacks, flames of violence attempted to sprout in Poruthota and neighbouring areas of Negombo on Sunday the 5th of May. The provocative incident occurred when a verbal clash between two individuals led to a tense situation in this area. 

However, with the timely visit of His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith to these areas along with his words of wisdom has diffused tension causing clarity in a time of misguidance, manipulation and distortion. 

The deep sense of understanding on the danger of this situation and the composition of the social fabric of the area made His Eminence to perceive into the depths of this issue on Sunday. Hence, the Cardinal Archbishop advised the people to act intelligently without giving in to emotion and particularly not to yeild to provocative slogans circulated in the social media.

Once again, the words of the Archbishop of Colombo have tranquilled the hearts and minds of the people bearing fruits of peace and harmony in the island of Sri Lanka.