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Dear Rev. Fathers, Sisters and Brothers,

Greetings from the Marcsri Homes!

Mrs Rita Perera began the “Marc Sri Homes” on 29th January 1983, when she offered shelter to a homeless patient, not knowing herself that it would grow big within a matter of a few years. Later, Rev. Fr. Julian Tissera, with the blessing of the then Archbishop of Colombo, Most Rev Dr Nicholas Marcus Fernando, joined Rita Perera to extend and expand the charities until Marc Sri Homes grew up to 22 homes. Now, due to the lack of volunteers and necessary funds the number has been reduced to 8. These homes are spread all over the Archdiocese of Colombo, under the Archbishop of Colombo and supervision of Seth Sarana Institute. 

Marcsri has completed 36 years of magnanimous services to the marginalized and the abandoned and more than 3115 inmates have found a home and a family here at Marcsri Homes. We currently have 260 + homeless inmates of elderly mothers and fathers, children, men and women fully or partially, mentally or physically disabled. 

Our needs are immense. The average cost for these homes for a month is more than Rs. 3.4 million. We work hard every day to find enough funds. 

Other expenses include bills, rentals, medicine and provisions needed for saving of life. We also lack personnel, who volunteer to serve in our homes.  

This year in the month of November, as we remember our dearly departed, we are initiating “Marcsri Day” to collect contributions to care and provide facilities for these inmates. Hence, I most humbly urge you to encourage your parishioners to join in this worthy cause. Especially if they intend on any charitable offerings in remembrance of their dear departed, please encourage them to consider helping “Marcsri Homes”

I would be grateful if you could spread the word amongst your parishioners to help us by, 

  • Making donations 
  • Sponsoring an inmate 
  • Volunteering (group or individual) 
  • Supplying us with provisions
  • Settling our bills
  • Spending your time with our inmates

May God Bless and reward you all abundantly for any help extended to these deserving inmates. 

Thanking you in advance!

Rev. Fr. Presanna Christopher Perera
Priest in Charge of Marcsri Homes

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Marcsri needs your help!

“Whatever you did to the least of my brother, you did it unto me”

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