[ Fr. Sunil De Silva - 03.12.2012 ]
His Lordship Bishop L. R Anthony was called to Eternal rest in the Lord on 03rd December 2012. His mortal remains lie at the Chapel in the Bishop's House, Trincomalee. Funeral will be held on Thursday the 06th Dec. 2012 at 10.00 am at Trincomalee.

His Lordship Bishop L. R. Anthony, born on 10th April 1927, was ordained a priest on 07th December 1954 in Rome. Thereafter he was appointed as the Bishop of Trincomalee-Batticaloa Diocese in 1974.

Name: Rt. Rev. Dr. Leo Rajendram Antony
Birth: Karampon, Kayts, Jaffna
Born: 19 April 1927
Parents: Mr. Bastiampillai Leo Rajendam
Mrs. PedurupillaiMarampillai
Studies: St. Anthony’s College, Kayts (primary)
St. Patrick’s College, Jaffna (secondary)

Minor Seminary: 8th. January 1940 (Age 13) St. Martin’s Minor Seminary, Jaffna
Priestly Studies: 1948 - St. Bernard’s Major Seminary, Borella, Colombo
Philosophy & Theology: Propaganda College, Rome
Ordination to the Priesthood: 7 December 1954 in Rome,
Ordained by: Archbishop Sigis Mondi on.

Priesthood: In Jaffna for a few years.
1958: Secretary to Bishop Glennie, sj. diocese of Trincomalee
1962: Spiritual Director of the Rosarians at Tholagatty& Pastor of Vasavilan
1966: Parish Priest of St. Mary’s Cathedral, Jaffna.

1968: Appointed Auxiliary Bishop to Bishop Emilianuspillai, and when Bishop Emilianuspillai died, he was made the Administrator of the diocese of Jaffna
1973: Appointed co-adjutor for the diocese of Trincomalee-Batticaloa
1974: Appointed Bishop of Trincomalee-Batticaloa
1983: Voluntary Retirement on the grounds of ill health.

During these years as Bishop of Trincomalee-Batticaloa:
Ordained: 11 priests.
Built: 5 new Convents for Religious Sisters, 04 Rectories
Cyclone (1978):Involved in Reconstruction of Church buildings and Rehabilitation of Cyclone victims.
Church at Sorrikalmaunai: Replaced 180 year old Goan Church.

Other noteworthy acts of Bishop L.R. Antony:

- Formation of the First Diocesan Pastoral Council.
- Formation of a Constitution for the Diocesan Pastoral Council, andanother for the diocesan Senate of Priests.
- Re-organization of the Diocesan Church Calendar of festivals
- Establishment of Commissions for:
Laity, Youth, Evangelization, Communication and Social Service.
- Establishment of the Brothers of St. Joseph at Trincomalee with an Industrial Training Institute.
- Holy Family Sisters at Sorikalmunai
- Initiation of Lay Women Pastoral Assistant Programme
- District Catechetical Centre at Kalmunai
- Introduction of the Franciscan Brothers at Kurukkalmadam
- Home for the Handicapped at Sathurukondan
- Oblate Fathers at Lourdes Shrine, Palayuthu, Trincomalee
After his retirement (1983) Bishop L.R.Antony, moved over to Trincomalee, and stayed at the Bishop’s House, Trincomalee till his death.

His Lordship Bishop Leo Rajendram Antony marked the 50th anniversary of his priesthood on 7th December 2004. Popularly known as the 'People's Bishop', Dr. Antony retired after serving his flock in the Trincomalee-Batticaloa diocese for several years.

The younger son of Leo Rajendram, then postmaster at Kalutara and of Mariapillai, Antony hailed from Karampon, in islet of Kayts.

He lost his father on the 53rd day of his birth and was brought up along with his elder brother and two sisters by the God-fearing young widow. His family was deeply religious. His maternal uncle had been for several years the 'moopu' of St. Sebastian's Church, Karampon, and on his death the mantle fell on his mother Mariapillai.

Mariapillai served the Church with the same dedication, that she displayed in bringing up her children until she passed away in 1960.

Antony had his primary education at the Holy Family Convent school at Karampon and his secondary education at St. Anthony's College, Kayts and at St. Patrick's College, Jaffna.

While at St. Patrick's, obeying the words of Jesus, "Follow Me" ( St. Mathew 9-9), he chose his vocation and joined St. Martin's Seminary, Jaffna. Following a seven-year study at St. Martin's and in Rome, he was ordained a priest in the Marian Year of 1954 on 7 December. Antony said his first mass at St. Peter's Cathedral. After a pilgrimage to Lourdes and Assissi, he returned home in 1955.

On his return his first parish was Nallur, which was followed by St. Mary's Cathedral. Jaffna, where he was appointed assistant parish priest. He later became the parish priest at the Jaffna Cathedral and then at the Naranthanai parish. Wherever he served he earned the love and affection of the parishioners. In 1958 Antony was appointed secretary to Bishop Ignatius Glennie for a brief period.

A high point in his spiritual career came in 1962, when Antony was appointed head of the monks of the Holy Rosary at the Tholagatty Ashram, which was known for its strict code of discipline.

Bishop Antony was instituted as the Auxiliary Bishop of Jaffna on 21st November 1968. When, in 1973 His Lordship Dr. V. Deogupillai, who had been the Bishop of Trincomalee-Batticaloa, became the Bishop of Jaffna, following the passing away of His Lordship Dr. Emilianuspilllai, Dr. Antony became the Bishop of Trincomalee-Batticaloa.

After a fruitful period of several years as the People's Bishop in the eastern diocese, Bishop Antony retired owing to ill health.

By Thurai Arokyathasan, former Vice Principal, Palay Teachers' College

The Archdiocese of Colombo, offer deep condolences to the priests and to the faithful
on the demise of His Lordship Bishop L. R. Anthony.
We offer fervent prayers that God, the Father of mercies, will grant eternal rest to him and every spiritual consolation to those who mourn his passing.We shall pray for his eternal reward and he shall pray for us to prepare ourselves for the same.
" Come, you who are blessed by my Father ;
take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world."

In paradisum

In paradisum deducant te Angeli ;
in tuo adventu
suscipiant te Martyres,
et perducant te in civitatem
sanctam Jerusalem.
Chorus Angelorum te suscipiat,
et cum Lazaro quondam paupere
aeternam habeas requiem.

Celebrant :

Requiem aeternam dona eis Domine.

All : Et lux perpetua luceat eis.

Celebrant : Requiescant in pace.
All : Amen.