St. Peter
St. Peter's Rector at the Prize Giving
[ Fr.Sunil De Silva - 15.02.2013 ]

The Annual Prize Giving of St. Peter's College, Colombo 04 was held on 15th February 2013 and Mr. Geoffrey J. T. Alagaratnam, President's Counsel, presided at the Prize Giving as the Chief Guest.

Rev. Fr. Travis Gabriel, the Rector of St. Peter's College, addressing the gathering said " Today we live in a multi - faceted society. Many social, cultural, economical and religious issues have become entwined with our day to day lives. In the present day context, various challenges of life accompany the students to school. The lives of these students are to a great extent affected by these challenges, without them being fully aware of it. Their minds and emotions are not at rest and therefore they find it difficult to cope with the challenges they have to face while at school. The inevitable result is that the students find it difficult to manage their daily life pattern, their studies get hampered a great deal and they become the "problem children" we encounter in our classrooms."

" Our teachers may be academically qualified to give the students the subject matter they require, but, they may be ill equipped to provide the students with the proper guidance and counselling that they require in fairly large measures. A student's academic skills can lie dormant or function at minimum level due to various problems confronting him at a personal level. These underlying problems have to be detected with professional delicacy and dealt with accordingly. Such students may require additional support and intervention from school authorities in order to optimize their academic skills and bring to light the desire for academic progress that lies embedded within their troubled minds."

" The last couple of years have seen a surge in the variety of concerns and problems faced by students. Family related problems, stress and anxiety are the most pressing emotional and behavioural health issues found among teenagers. Study and research have revealed that one of the most common causes is an unstable home life arising from divorce, poor parenting, loss of parents and single parents. Academic problems, peer group pressure, financial instability, exposure to unsuitable media and social status comparisons could also cause much depression and tension. A lack of religious and moral values also has an undesirable effect on students. Some of the above stated problems could be averted, if spotted in time; some cannot be averted but could be minimized in dimension with proper professional counselling." ...........For Full Text of the Speech .......... F
Chief Guest, Mr. Geoffrey J. T. Alagaratnam, President's Counsel
The Chief Guest, Mr. Geoffrey J. T. Alagaratnam, President's Counsel, addressing the gathering said, " You are the future of this country. Today we have lawlessness and indiscipline, corruption and crime which has been greatly brought about by our corrupt political system where the politicians who should be serving the country and its citizens have become our kings and appear to be helping themselves at the cost of the country. You can make a difference by your honesty, dedication and respect for life and its decent values. When I was in College almost all of us spoke English, whether we were from Sinhalese, Tamil or English medium. Politics has destroyed this language which is essential for all of us communicating with each other and learning about things the world over. Do not neglect this.".............For the Full Text of his speech........... F
[ Photos by Fr. Sunil De Silva ]