A special day of prayer and reflection- to protect the Unborn

Rev. Fr. Edmund Tillekeratne Wed, Sep 20, '2017


I wish to inform you all, dear Rev. Fathers, Brothers, Sisters and my dear faithful, that in the light of a sustained campaign going on in certain quarters calling for a relaxation of the existing laws on abortion, I am organizing within the territory of the Archdiocese of Colombo a special day of prayer and reflection on the theme "Blessed to be Born, let us protect the Unborn" on Sunday the 8th October. This campaign will be carried out in all our Parishes, Substations and Institutions as well as Apostolates. It is for the purpose of educating our faithful on the evil of abortion and its essentially sinful nature. This campaign will consist of the following programs:

1) Special prayers to be offered for the protection of the rights of the unborn child.

2) Posters and banners to be put up giving expression to the Church's teaching in favour of life.

3) Organizing the Daham Pasal children to celebrate a special hour of prayer on the 8th October for all those who have been victims of abortions and calling upon the Lord to prevent any further escalation of abortion in the country.


4) Screening the film "The Silent Scream" for the different groups of the parish community.
Copies of this film are available in Sinhala and English at the Joe Neth Studio. Kindly contact Rev. Fr. Edmund Tilakaratne (Tel. 777270884) for details.


5) Calling for special prayers from all the contemplative congregations in the diocese for this purpose.

6) Family Life Committees at the parish or deanery levels to be active in this campaign.

Let us pray and storm heaven for support in this venture in protecting the right to live for all these innocents, for, otherwise, they will be ruthlessly murdered by unscrupulous elements in the name of a so called right to choice.

May God bless you all!

Yours devotedly in Christ


Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith
Archbishop of Colombo